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2022 TISF Welcome Ceremony and Mock MUN

2022 TISF Welcome Ceremony and Mock MUN

In order to provide opportunities for students from different countries to meet each other and have idea and culture exchange, we organize two online events for you to participate. We divide the participants in two groups according to your time zone.

The welcome party offers a good chance to have a better understanding about the culture of Taiwan as well as other countries. There are online games so the participants will meet students from other countries and have a great time.
Please use the google meet background which other people can clearly identify your country. (Such as flag, landmark, food, etc)

In this party we need students to share something about their country (around 2-3 minutes). The one who share have to prepare a multiple choice question (with 4 choices) from the content which she/he shares.

Please fill the survey of your attendance here:

2022TISF Welcome ceremony 1
9am - 11am, Jan 24th, 2022

2022TISF Welcome ceremony 2
16am - 18am, Jan 24th, 2022

Mock MUN (Model United Nations) is designed for all domestic and international TISF participants to discuss prevalent global topics in a Model United Nations setting. Besides topic discussions, TISF looks forward to the event being an international cultural exchange opportunity that sparks vibrant interactions. This year, we focus on the discussion of “Vaccination Passport Policies”, the imperative yet controversial solution that the global community desperately seeks. We hope through the 1.5 hours of dynamic collaboration and fierce debate, all delegates (participants) can enjoy themselves throughout the process.

2022 TISF Mock MUN 1
13pm - 15pm, Jan 27th, 2022

2022 TISF Mock MUN 2
18pm - 20pm, Jan 27th, 2022
1. The Google Meet link has been sent to your email. If you have not received it, please contact us.
2. We have divided into two groups according to your time zone.