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The protocol for preventing the transmission of Novel Coronavirus
during 202 Taiwan International Science Fair
Feb 2th , 2020
In order to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus during Taiwan International Science Fair, National Taiwan Science Education Center develops the protocol.

1. Participants
i. The finalists, supervisors (including overseas or local) as well as judges and staff, those who have been to China, Hong Kong or Macau (including transfer) are requested to withdraw from participating in the Fair.
ii. Those who have been transfer via China have to notify TISF and TISF staff will monitor closely about their health condition.

2. During the Travel
iii. Wearing masks during the flight and in the airport.
iv. Wash hands frequently.
v. Participants who transfer from China, Hong Kong and Macau have to pay special attention during the travel.

3. Airport Pick up
TISF arrange airport pick up service for every international team. The staff and driver is required to wear mask. The vehicle will keep clean and sterilized.

4. At the hotel
i. Temperature will be taken for every participant when checking in the hotel. The staff will ask about the travel history. If there is anyone who have been to China within 14 days or transfer via China, Hong Kong or Macau, he/she will be asked to inform about the health condition. We will also pay attention during the fair.
ii. The hotel is required to pay special attention on the sanitation and sterilization of the rooms and facilities.
iii. Participants will share rooms with ones from their own countries.

5. In the Fair venue
i. NTSEC has already enhanced the hygiene and sterilization of all the venues.
ii. All the staffs and volunteers will wear masks and sterilize their hands using alcohol at all times.
iii. Students are required to wear masks when entering the venue, their hands will be also sterilize by spraying alcohol on them.
iv. International participants as well local students and supervisors will be asked to fill out a health declaration form including inform the travel history.

6. If any suspected case occurs
i. Staffs of NTSEC will pay attention of the health condition of every participant by taking temperature frequently.
ii. In case of anyone who has the symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath and respiratory distress, the person will be taken to the hospital and inform CDC of Taiwan immediately. The persons who have close contact with suspected case will also be checked.

7. Cancelation
2020 TISF will convene as schedule. However, in case of any cancelation occur, NTSEC respect the decision without influencing the affiliation with your organization.


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