Taiwan International Science Fair (TISF), organized by National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), is a science research competition held annually in Taipei, Taiwan. Student finalists from secondary schools present their science research work in the exhibition. There are around 180 projects, 250 domestic finalists and 40 overseas students from over 20 nations participating in TISF each year. Domestic winners, besides winning grand awards, are selected to represent Taiwan at various science fairs around the world, namely ISEF, ESI, I giovani e le scienze, I-FEST2, BUCA IMSEF, and Mostratec.
NTSEC is dedicated to inspire and foster the young generation to be more innovative and passionate in science. 3 outstanding projects will be selected by the Judging Committee for the “Young Scientist Award”, which is the biggest award in TISF. We hope students will develop scientific research skills, innovative abilities and international perspective by participating the science fair. Taiwan International Science Fair will be held in January or February every year. If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact tisf@mail.ntsec.gov.tw for further information.

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